Crowdsourced Mobile Video Streaming (Jianwei Huang)


The exploding mobile data demands and the proliferation of powerful mobile devices lead to the emergence of user-provided networks (UPNs), which aim at improving user experiences by exploiting their diverse communication needs and resources. In this talk, we will introduce a new paradigm of cooperative video streaming based on the concept of UPN, where mobile users crowdsource their Internet connectivities and adaptively choose video downloading sequences and streaming qualities. We will discuss both the technical and economic challenges in the design and optimization of such a system. We will first characterize the system performance bounds, and then propose an online algorithm to optimize the system performance in a centralized fashion. We will further introduce a multi-dimensional auction framework, which effectively incentivizes users to cooperate in a distributed fashion.

For more information on UPN, see our half-day GLOBECOM’15 tutorial (


2016-06-12  16:00 ~ 17:00   


Jianwei Huang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Room 308, No.100 Wudong Road, School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics